Hi Friends,

I’m Jenny!

Three things about me of which I’m immensely proud: I am down-to-earth, I am deeply empathetic, and I have the ability to cook rice perfectly using the finger line method.

Another thing I’m only somewhat proud of: my ability to consistently forget about my clothes in the washer but keep every wedding day schedule perfectly on time.

I believe that these things, above training and experience, make me the photographer I am today.

What you should know is that I’ve been in this career for almost two decades. I began my journey at the Photographic Center Northwest in 2006 and then learned from newspaper photojournalists-turned-wedding photographers. Almost twenty years in, this is what I’ve settled on: A signature storytelling voice where unscripted moments meet beautiful composition.

Photos: Leilani Banayat, Logan Westom

Philosophy & Approach

My photography style is storytelling with attention to human connection and beautiful, clean composition. Most would describe me as quiet but witty and my empathic nature is helpful in creating a comfortable chemistry between us. Right after creating meaningful photos, my priority is preserving your wedding day experience. Through detailed planning, intuition, and being sensitive to the emotions of the day, I create space for you to be fully present and to take in every moment.

Featured In

“Jenny is an amazing photographer and a joy to be photographed by! Her range of direction produced many great shots and her warmth and confidence inspired me to see myself in a new light. I felt completely at ease during our session (despite my lifelong tendency towards camera-shyness). An outstanding experience and beautiful photos. Can’t recommend her enough.”


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