Zack & Karli met me on a beautiful, warm evening in Seattle for their engagement session only one week before their wedding…it was also the first time we had met in person.  Zack was in Georgia, Karli in California, and her mom helping plan from Washington.  It turned out that they went to college with a friend of mine which was a crazy coincidence.  Our worlds continued to get smaller as we later found out that Karli’s older brother was an old friend that I had gone to high school with!  It was so amazing to have all of these random connections and between emails & phone calls it didn’t take long for me to feel like I had known them for awhile.  Karli’s warm, million dollar smile & Zack’s fun personality made for a great engagement session…and their wedding…well, I’ll post that later :)

Thanks for the fun time, and I’m excitedly working on your wedding photos!!!zk-4288blogzk_collageblogzk-4387blogzk-4400blogzk-4433blogzk-4529blogzk-4498blog


super cute couple, love the portrait collage and the sculpture park!

these are fab jenny. the second collage set is my fave!!

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