Welcome to my brand new blog!  Please bookmark me, and check back often for updates, contests & the latest and greatest.  Leave a comment, and the ninth commenter will receive a Starbucks gift card on me.

For your viewing pleasure, a sneak peak of Ben & Ruthie’s fabulous Austin wedding!  Happy Friday!

Ben & Ruthie


OK. I am not trying to score a Starbucks card…just so excited to see a sneek-peek of our photos! I know, I am so impatient! We just had so much fun! Expect some referrals because they are a comin’! Thanks for your time, Jenny! Really…we appreciate it!

LOVE the cowboy boots! The photo above the comments is my fav – way to go Jenny – you are talented!

I love your new blog! And the pictures from your this wedding, absolutely amazing- you are so very gifted!!!

Oh my goodness!!! you did such an amazing job! I cried just looking at the pictures! You are an amazing photographer! Thank you for capturing the spirit of our wedding day!

Love the new blog! And I absolutely love the big pictures!

I love your new blog, Jenny! Looking forward to seeing more pictures soon!

Ooooh….I love it!! Good work girl! =)

Love the blog Jenny, it’s so you! This a great shot, I can’t wait to see the rest :)

I love the new blog! It’s cute! I also love the way you word your little stories that describe the photography sessions, and how you put a little bit of you in them! But I loveeee them!

Pretty! (and I know the Starbucks’ card is gone – no reason not to continue to share the love)

Looks great! So happy for you. And I’m LOVIN’ that sassy Austin wedding pic! I’m ready to see more!!!


What a great new blog! I love it…I love visiting and seeing your wonderful photography and creativity!


Hi Jenny,
I just spent a long time enjoying your photo gallery and every other page on your blog. The whole thing is so well done and your photos are spectacular. Congratulations!!

I love this photo. It is just awesome!

Danielle is the winner and 9th overall commenter!!! (I skipped my husband’s comment as the ninth, because I always buy him coffee!) Sorry for the confusion…inexperienced contest thrower here :) I counted Michelle’s, Jason’s, Shellie’s (2) & Hollis’ comments from today because I didn’t have this post up or say where to post (oops!) I have your address, Danielle, so I’ll get that gift card out to you, thanks for the comments everyone! I’m excited for 2009!

Yes, you contest was very confusing! :) 9th? 4th? where to post? You work is beautiful, as usual.

Nice blog!!!

do i win? i doubt it.

hey jenny, it’s lauren, from new beginnings. glad to find your new blog!!

Hey Jen

Cool website and photography. I found out we have a mutual friend. Bethany Reich I have worked with her a lot at church, she is really cool. Good luck with your blog.


Hi Jenny….I’m not sure if this comment with come in 4th and qualify me for the Coffee Card, that would be great….but more importantly I’d also liek to know what you have open in late February early March for a family photo session for The Crowleys. I’d like my mom and dad to come this time to if it all jives.
Have a great weekend ~Mary

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