I don’t mean to gush.  But I do.

I really get warm fuzzies working on these photos for several reasons…I photographed this couple almost two years ago and I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph them again as new parents!  Double warm fuzzies with returning clients…it is so fun to watch young families grow.  It reminds me of when Mark & I were newlyweds & young parents.  It is such a precious time in life that goes faster than imaginable.

And Lexi is perfection!  She was so sweet & friendly.  Bryan & Allyson, you are amazing parents, I am so proud of you and your adorable little family!  Thank you so much for having me, it is always fun photographing you (& third time’s a charm, right?)

Here was one of their wedding photos I took, ah the memories :)

and now, Bryan, Allyson plus beautiful Alexis….


omg REFLECTION!!!! love it! and of course the close face shot, he is sooooo cute! :)

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