Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my brother Tony & his adorable family at the UW Botanic Gardens.  Remember the weekend we had SUN?  :)  His wife Tracy is easily someone I would be friends if she wasn’t family.  They are great parents and we have so much in common– especially a love for soccer and baseball.  At Christmas, Tony and my boys talked Sounders and soccer and baseball for the majority of the day which is pretty common in my house.  Tyler and Sophie were so fun, well behaved and gave me a great workout running and playing with them!  That Saturday was one of those days where my heart was so full of gratitude for my family and for what I get to do as a living.  I really love my job and I am so grateful that I get to do what I love most as my profession.  I know that that is a luxury.

Thanks Tony & Tracy for the fun, I wish we were neighbors!  Maybe someday soon :)


Thanks Tamony!

Tamony Martinez-Crawford

Wow! These are lovely. They look wonderful in these pictures. You are talented. :-)

Oh my, It’s so beautiful family picture. everyone of them look
so natural. Jenny, You are so talented photographer. I love it.
thanks for sharing.

when was this? look like yesterday. is it?

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