I had the privilege of going down to Vancouver to take Liana Lehman’s Business Bootcamp seminar.    I did great in math in high school but absolutely dread number crunching.  But Liana’s method was so fun and easy going, and well, interesting!  I really expected only math, but it was just a small portion of it.  We discussed dreams, lifelong goals, branding, and went on many, many random rabbit trails that ended in hysterical laughter.  I laughed so hard at one point, I couldn’t breathe!  I coyly asked Liana on the last day (because I’m competitive like that) if we were her favorite bootcamp group.  I mean, how could we not be after all or our new inside jokes?  She very diplomatically answered, “this group laughed the most.”  So, yeah, I’m pretty sure we were her favorite group :)

Liana, thank you so much for your openness & honesty, we all learned so much about making a business successful.  To Darcie & Peter, thanks for hosting us, you were so generous!  And Mim, Jenifer, Kacy Jo, and my loveseat-sharer, Emily…I love you all!  I look forward to our reunion and staying in touch!


photo of me taken by Darcie…thank you!


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Great pics! Glad you had a great time.

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