Last month I had the opportunity to attend a fun weekend seminar for photographers that chat on an online forum.  I bunked up with some of my friends from Portland that I met last January at the Hotel 1000 in Seattle which was an absolute blast.  The hotel was to die for, with the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen…water falling in a single stream from the ceiling to fill up the bathtub (I should have taken a picture!)  And right down the street was a really cool vintage gift store, Watson Kennedy which had the cutest inspirational book that I bought on Sunday.  I had so much fun!  (Did I mention I had fun?)  The speakers were great (Jim Garner, Gene Higa, Mike Larson, Kevin Swan, to name a few) but the best part was getting to hang out with friends, bounce ideas off of eachother and get caught up with one another.  I was totally exhausted, having just come home from the UK that week, but it was worth it.  Here are my favorite shots that I grabbed this weekend…


My good friends, Jason & Crystalospw-2032ospw-2036blogospw-2037blogospwblog-2031ospw-2046blog

I did not lick the nasty gum wall, promise.  Me, Amanda, Tana, & Crystal striking a pose…ospw-2042blogospw-2073blogospw-2083blogospw-2087blogospw-2109blogospw-2119blogospw-2166blogospw-2181blogospw-2218blog


Stunning. Absolutely stunning Jenny. You inspire me in so many ways.

So you were a part of that. I had wondered into the Stella coffee shop where, after noticing my camera the barista proceeds to tell me a story about a bride that was so incredibly vain that she had dozen photographers following her around.

The bus shot is AWESOME!! Beautiful images Jenny! =)

Excellent comps. The dragged shutter with cyclist in the background is sweet!

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