As the British say…I will “be on holiday” from March 29th-April 15th.  My husband and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary with my sister and her husband in Northern Ireland and England!  I have never been to Europe before, so I am so excited!

If you would like to place a print order, please know that it will be fulfilled when I return on the 15th of April.  I will also be returning phone calls & emails on that date.  Thanks for understanding.

Feel free to stop by this blog to see my UK adventures!!!  We will also be traveling to Dublin and various cities in England.  I am taking my new Holga, SLR & point & shoot, so I think I should have the picture department covered…

And a post without pictures is just boring…this sweet little guy was waiting for Marie & Ernie’s wedding to get started.  Look how patient and quiet he was sitting!  erniemarie-9425


This shot is just way too cute!!! Great job!

Okay! You are on your way….I can’t wait to see the first post from your adventures! Have fun :)

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