I conveniently arranged to meet Olivia at Hello Cupcake– I’m not gonna lie, I sometimes arrange sessions around there just so I can stop in for my favorite coconut cupcake (or lemon recently!)  Anyway, I had a great time getting to know another Olivia (a bit older than my own Olivia) and she was so fun to photograph.  She loves to sing and her goal is to eventually become a veterinarian.  Olivia, you are such a joy and crack up, I loved getting to know you and am excited for what your future has in store!


The last three are my favorites of the session.  Olivia is stunning in the last two and the one with the tree I love purely for it’s sentimental value.  This tree is a tree her grandfather planted in front of the house her mom grew up in.  The current owner was kind enough to allow us to shoot in front of their beautiful home and I just soaked it all in as I photographed her.  History and nostalgia are such a huge part of who I am, I felt so privileged to be a part of this walk down memory lane.  Everytime I photograph people, I can’t help but think about the generations that will follow them and how I am a part of documenting their family history.  So unreal.  It makes me love what I do so much more.  I am so darn sentimental, but that’s a good thing as a photographer, right?olivias-4275-copyolivias-4056-copyolivias-4220-copy


my little bro just goes, “you know who had awesome photos? Olivia! whoever her photographer was is the only other one I’ve liked so far besides yours” so take that for whatever its worth :)

girl you are awesome, these images are beautiful! i love to see your perspective on places we both shoot at, it refreshes my eye. i LOVE the bridge ones…

nice! olivia is HILARIOUS. I bet you guys had fun :)

You’re right about that bridge! The light and shadows are perfect-love it! Love the soft, warm tones…

My FAV is her B/W close-up on the bridge… canvas, baby!

Great session…your stuff is solid! Oh so solid :)

Wow!! These are great!! I luv luv luv #2 and #8!!! Great job my friend.

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