Several months ago I commissioned Wiley Valentine to design a new logo for me.  I wanted something that didn’t come from my brain.  My prior logos were designed in concept by me & I had a little graphic designer help to smooth it out.  I have to be honest, I did not love my new logo at first.  But the amazing thing about new branding is that it causes you to dig down & inspect who you are as a photographer & what you want to communicate out there to potential clients.  My current website has not been updated in two years!  So that is on the horizon too…

Here is the inspiration board that I came up with based on things I love & I sent it to WV and what they designed fits me PERFECTLY– I love it! (and I want to note that the only photos in the collage below that are mine are the wedding & engagement photos- a few of my fave.)


absolutely gorgeous set & inspiring. can’t wait to see.

Just here checking out your site- love your pics! And love the photo of the office chair in the top left hand corner of this post- I’m sitting on that same exact Dania chair right now (LOVE IT)! Nice chatting with you today:)

so……i was just wondering WHEN we were going to see it…!

I love this! So inspiring and definitely you. Can’t wait to see it all when it’s finished :)

Waiting here with bated breath. It’s gonna be good!

ok, if thats not THE biggest tease ever!!! i dont want to wait for it to come i want it now!! :) yay for you, i cant wait to see it!!!

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