Matt is one of those high schoolers that knows exactly what he wants to do when he is out of high school.  I have no doubt Matt is going to go far in life!  He wants to major in business and or marketing but is also passionate about theatre, tennis, and a myriad of other activities.  But what I liked most about Matt is that he is a genuine and caring kind of guy…it is easy to pick up on that kind of thing in two hours of talking.  So much of life these days is measured by accomplishments and not about the character and personality of person.  I am especially thoughtful on this as I recently heard Dane Sanders speak…he impressed me with one of his quotes…simply:  “You are not what you do!”  Matt, you are amazing in who you are, and I am so blessed to have met you…I can’t wait to see what life unfolds for you!




looks like someone’s taking advantage of our photo spot safari, woo hoo! i like all of them but that first one is damn awesome!!!

Thank you so much Jenny! I’m really happy with how these turned out. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you; the memories you captured will last me a lifetime. I had a blast scoping out locations and being totally random with you [even when it meant climbing through bushes and “shooting” at schoolbus graveyards! haha]. Your artistic eye and insightful originality are truly amazing. Thank you for everything:)

Wow…these are so goood! I love the light, the location, the senior, everything. You might just have to share that location with me :) But you serious rocked !!

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