Meet Mark and Brianne.  I knew Mark when he was only only best friend’s little twerpy brother.  Now he is all grown up and I realize he really wasn’t that much younger than us.  Brianne & Mark are so sweet and easy going, we had a great time on the cold wintery day.  It started to downpour moments after we finished our session.  We are hoping for such great breaks next month at their wedding.

Mark & Brianne, I had so much fun with you guys!  Your laid back nature and love for eachother make it so fun and easy for me….can’t wait for your wedding!  The countdown is on!


Jenny-Love the shot on the red floor and the last one is pricelss. I’m feeling their love. Nice work!

Jenny – Love the red floor and the last shot is priceless. I’m feeling their love on that one.

love that last shot, such a great crop and correction!

Oooh love these! The elevator and the last one are my faves :) Can’t wait to see you tonight!!

Loving this energy you’ve captured here, beautiful couple!

I love these, but the last one is my FAVORITE!

These are so money.

What a beautiful couple. Can’t wait to add some extra coverage. Bam.

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