Somehow I manage to book clients that are consistently easy going.  I am so blessed!  If there was a formula for this, I’d patent it because it makes my work so enjoyable.

Marco & Morgan fit the easy going bill in everyway…they met up with me in Tacoma for a laid back session that we finished off in a local coffee shop.  Pretty much my idea of a perfect morning.  These two are are not just easy to be around, they are also so easy together.  They are so natural & you can see how their strengths balance eachother out.  It is pretty amazing to get to work with people in love starting out their lives together.

Thank you guys for such a fun morning!  I really felt like I was just meeting up with friends & happened to have my camera.  :)  I love it when that happens!


i think this is the one you shot right before we met up. nice work, i like the early light. The coffee shop is really cute. I like how casual they are dressed, it just seems like a lazy saturday (or wednesday) whatever day it was. very natural and not forced, well done.

LOVING that second one! and the color coffee from above-cool!

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