Sometimes I feel like a minimalist & think the pictures should just speak for themselves in my blog posts…I don’t love any one couple more than another…sometimes I’m just long winded.  Sometimes I’m not.  I love being my own boss…anyway…

Troy & Lisa.

Like peanut butter and jelly.  Maybe you remember their engagement session?  (click here)

Troy & Lisa go together perfectly.  I love them, I love my job.  Their day rocked.  The end.

P.S.  Readers, do you read the text?  Or just prefer photos?  I never read the text…but those that don’t won’t read this anyway…  :)


Oh yummy yummy wedding photos! Great use of the purpley tree (yep that’s a made up word) The alter shot, love it. And the last shot is gorgeous!
I also wonder about how much text to put. I like a little behind the scenes myself. But not so much talk about how madly in love the couple are, I find the photos show that perfectly.

Love YOU and that low-angle shot from down the aisle.

So very beautiful, Jenny! <3

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