I have been in wedding mode lately preparing for engagement sessions and meeting with newly engaged couples so a maternity session was changing gears for me a bit.  But so good!  During the session I was just in awe of Jen’s beauty.  And even how the progression of life is so beautiful.  I love that I get to be a part of every stage…the engagements, the weddings, the babies…I really love it all.  And this family is such an example of that beauty.  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture that beauty, Jen.  You are so breathtaking!  I’m so excited to meet the newest little addition and capture his beauty soon.

Life is truly beautiful.


Yeahs so with how cute these two are…can you imagine what #3 will look like?!  I can’t wait!!!  The cuteness in this family is almost illegal.  Seriously.woods-32-copywoods-36-copywoods-44-copy


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No wonder she was thrilled! These are great! It was so fun chatting away and eating fish tacos! It’s so energizing to be around other people who have the same passion, like you!!! Here’s to many more three hour lunches to come!

that last one is my favorite! GORGEOUS B&W!!! Is it your own process recipe? PERFECT! I want to squeeze that laughing little boy!!! What a punkin!!! Love his sister’s pig tails. SO CUTE!

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