Lexi and I had a great time at her session this weekend!  She is so down to earth and easy to be with, it was so fun.  I think what impressed me the most was her answer to my questions about post graduation plans.  I think I asked her what she wants to do or “be when she grows up.”  The first thing out of her mouth was, “I want to help people.”  What!?  Amazing.  How many 18 year olds say that?  That totally impacted me, Lexi!  I look forward to hearing & seeing the bright future that unfolds for you.


I might have actually squealed when I saw Lexi’s *jellies*  Had to get a photo of them, I grew up in the 80’s!lexiblog-3778lexiblog-3775lexiblog-3822lexiblog-3839lexiblog-3924lexiblog-3942



Um, I’m sorry, but I cannot name a favorite on this one. I LOVE THEM ALL! SO cute…she’s darling and I love all the poses, composition and lighting!!!

That 7th one done is *AMAZING* I love it! Jenny you are an inspiration :)

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