Justin & Rachel have known each other since second grade.  Even their families are friends!  But it wasn’t until a few coffee dates “just to catch up” did Justin & Rachel see each other in a different light.  We ended our engagement session at that same Forza where they first started meeting for coffee and began to fall in love…*sigh*  They are getting married this upcoming June at the High Cedars Golf Course. They are such beautiful people inside and out…so easy to talk with, and after five minutes, you feel like you’ve known them both for years.  We are bonded by our germophobic tendencies, love for the Office, Steve Madden boots and the list goes on.  Rachel especially has me interested in expanding my Spanish at the Fred Meyer self-check out (ask me about it later!)  Thanks for the fun morning, I had such a great time getting to know you better!  That one prayer worked and the day turned out beautiful :)




[…] Rachel and Justin were just meant to be.  Their families are amazing.  Their friends are supportive.  And their wedding day at High Cedars Golf Course was the perfect showcase of these harmonious relationships that make for successful marriages. […]

Great session. I love how natural and simple it was. Lots of beautiful expressions between the couple too! My faves were by the green truck. :)

these pictures are beautiful You are so talented! I would love to be a photographer. Are these pictures taken around here? I love the background.

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