I have never had the privilege of photographing a wedding with so many sweet family traditons…it was amazing.  Jason & Chrislyn were married at Parkland Lutheran Church in Tacoma where Jason’s parents AND grandparents were married.  The same person that made the bouquets for Chrislyn’s mom also made the bouquets for Chrislyn.  There were so many sentimental elements- it was reflective of the incredible thoughtfulness and love for their family and friends.  The aisles in the church were lined with pennants lovingly appliqued with ribbon flowers & wedding photos of their parents & bridal party.  The most fun surprise and biggest secret was the WSU Alumni band that played the cougar fight song upon their reception entrance.  Jason & Chrislyn, this husky had a great time at your wedding :)  Thank you so much for having me….and I’m glad to know we’ll still be friends after the Apple Cup right?


Much thanks to Dawn Lucrisia, who got these great moments and a few of the photos in the detail collage- it was so fun shooting together again!jc-copyimg_8622-copyimg_8598-copyjc_collage2img_8812-copyimg_8822-copyimg_8839-copyimg_8851-copyimg_8852-copyimg_8876-copyimg_8904-copyimg_8901-copy


Jenny, you ROCKED this one. I especially love the ceremony shot. Nice moment, great light.

they’re so cute! fab pics … no surprise there!

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are an excellent photographer, not only using beautiful backgrounds, but you also captured Chrislyn and Jason’s personalities perfectly. The record shop was a nice touch. I also loved how you used the PLU campus. It was very sweet to use Harstad Hall, where Grandma and Grandpa Daniels first met.

Jen, The photographs are beautiful. Precious images of everyone that I love. The photograph at the alter evokes Chrislyn and Jason’s strong love and faith…and reception photo of Jason and Chrislyn doing the Cougar “Jaws” Chop with the WSU Alumni Band is filled with energy and so much fun! My son Jay is also in the background with the football. All three of my children with joy on their faces. What more could a mother ask for?

Was the record store idea yours or theirs? Turned out great! I like the shot from behind the groom’s back when bride is showing him some records.

Chrislyn & Jason what a beautiful couple. Congratulations. Sorry we missed your wedding. We will have a gift to you soon.
God Bless You.
Ray & Julie Lopez

I just had to comment and say that I love these pictures! Exactly the style I aspire for in my own shooting. My best friend’s husband was Jason’s best man, so I know him a little… you really captured some beautiful shots of Jason and his wife. They are a beautiful couple!

You captured both of them so perfectly. These pictures are wonderful.

Jason is my hubby’s best buddy and you captured this beautiful couple so perfectly! I ADORE the photos of when J&C first found out about the WSU Alumni Band (and not only because my daughter and hubby are in the background) — their expressions are PRICELESS. Chrislyn is BEAUTIFUL inside and out and Jason was such a happy, handsome groom. Thank you for getting such amazing pictures of this very, very special day. You’re so talented and I can’t wait to see some of these beauties hanging on Jason & Chrislyn’s walls!

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