I love this little family!  I got to photograph Kimber & Brandon’s wedding several years ago and it has been so sweet to capture both their little ones.  They make really cute babies.  And Kimber is such an amazing and busy momma!  I missed my morning workout when I photographed them, but was quickly energized chasing around sweet little Emily.  There were several moments that just made my heart swell.  Watching the quiet moments with baby Gavin amidst the busy toddler noise…big sister’s kisses on Gavin’s forehead…dad juggling comforting baby while making sure Emily was ok.  It seems like yesterday I was in their shoes with our two. This session was such a great reminder to me of how fast time goes and to cherish even the busiest, craziest seasons.

Thank you Brandon & Kimber for having me- I’m so blessed to be able to track with your family through these seasons with you!  Much love to you guys…



This shoot is so amazing! I absolutely love the entire post and the love and the story and the moments captured. You are a truly gifted photographer!

I love this…especially the ones of the kids together. Makes me want another one!

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