New clothes?  Check.

New converse? Check.

Happy about pictures?  Check and uncheck.



He he! Oh they look look so bummed! Love their new converse, those are awesome. Are you in heaven right now or what?

Too cute! I can’t believe how bug they are getting. I think it is super awesome that you got some “first day of school” pics, even if they weren’t that into it :)

SOOOOO precious!!!!! Ok, now add Mom’s face!!!! Happy about school? Or sad? : )

Oh the life of a photographer’s child. They get so tired of being photographed! I love that you shared these with your peeps! Too cute! ~Michaela

Oh my gosh…… what school are you shipping them off to?! A boarding school ran by prison guards?! Wow! Those faces are priceless! Hey – at least they look good! haha

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