Ah!  It has been three weeks since my last post!  I have been home for a little over a week from our two week vacation in the United Kingdom.  Time to brush this poor neglected blog off and get to the pictures!

Our first week we stayed with my sister and her husband at their home in Belfast, Ireland.  Here’s a few of a day we spent in nearby city Carrickfergus, Whitehead, and Island McGee…all about 10-15 minutes from Belfast.





Absolutely gorgeous! I love the UK and I’ve never been. Now I really want to go!

The one with the old ladies in the tea house just stole my heart! I hope you had an amazing time and I cant wait to hear all about it soon…

Makes me miss the UK and Ireland!

OMGosh Jenny those pics are so cool! What a sight to see….I wish our buildings were that old and had that much charactor.

Beautiful pictures; I especially like the ones of the water and boats! When I was in Spain I couldn’t get over how exciting it was to see real castles…these ones are great too! Now I have a new travel place on my list to go!

Lovely! The landscape is magical. Loving that shot of the old ladies and their tea!

The “no fouling” sign is my favorite, haha! Had fun this weekend, hopefully next time I won’t be all gross and germy! :)

I love castles. Haven’t made it to England or Ireland but the German ones are fantastic!! I love fields with cows, too.

so beautiful jenny!!

you make ireland look good (not that it needs much help)!

Ohhh, these are fabulous!!! I’m so jealous!

Beautiful! Your photos are making me want to travel again, Ireland looks so green and lush! Can’t wait to see more….

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