Last month when I went to my business seminar, I was fortunate enough to stay with a dear friend.  My friend Dawn, is such an amazing inspiration.  She is one of those people that isn’t afraid to go after her dreams & goals and is the first one to support you as you pursue yours.  I am so blessed to have her in my life!  So, we had a mini session in the FREEZING January weather before I left Portland…they were troopers and you would never know how cold it was that day!  Thanks again for having me, I love you guys…even if you are ducks and we are huskies :)brase-1-copybrase-4-copybrase-10-copybrase-19-copybrase-24-copybrase-28-copybrase-54-copybrase-65-copybrase-77-copy


You got one good talent. All the pictures are beautiful. We are so blessed that we got you as our wedding photographer. Keep up the good work….


We were thrilled to have Jenny stay with us while she attended her workshop. Though it was freezing, we had fun during the photoshoot and our pics turned out fabulous. It’s hard to choose which ones to print, frame and put on our walls. Any suggestions?
Thanks Jenny. I love you.

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