The first time I sat down with Chrislyn and Jason, I knew we would be a great fit!  If I could pick one word to describe Chrislyn, it would be “sunshiney.”  That may not be a word, but I’m using it!  She is such a refreshing person to be around- bright and optimistic.  And Jason is definitely the quiet rock in the relationship.  They are such a great balance to eachother, and so easy to be around.  I’m really looking forward to their wedding in September!

Thanks for the fun and being up for anything, Jason & Chrislyn!




Oh my gosh!! Chrislyn looks exactly as I remembered her, she is stunning. You captured them so naturally, I love these.

They are in good hands with you Jenny :)

seriously? that one with the hat is so 70’s and make-ah me happy, she is beautiful! i love the coloring jenny, nice :)

Love the one of them in the ice cream shop, so stink’n cute!

Thanks Lynne! Looking forward to meeting you in September! :)

All are stunning. I love number 11. “My sunshine kids!”
Thank you, Jennifer.

Number Four! Love that one :)

I LOOOVE the closeup with the hat. How stunning is she?

Getting better and better, my friend!

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