When I first started this little business three years ago, I NEVER in a million years would’ve expected to get to travel as much as I have!  I have been so blessed to be able to shoot weddings in Austin, TX, Michigan, Connecticut, and now one of my most places on earth–Maui, Hawaii.  What a blessing to be able to make a little vacation out of “work.”

Brandon & Jenn were married at the beautiful Wailea Marriot and had their reception at the Maui Tropical Plantation…yes folks, it was a rough day :)  Seriously, the day was perfect for us Washingtonian photographers…a beautiful, breezy overcast day, just how I like it!  Honestly, I started to annoy myself with how often I said, “oh my goodness, Jenn, you are SO beautiful!”  I was a bit of a broken record, but I couldn’t help myself…

Jenn & Brandon, thank you SO much for bringing me along, what a privilege and honor to be a part of your wedding day!  I am so excited for all the upcoming moves, new jobs, & school…what an exciting time.  You two compliment each other like soy to chai, white chocolate to americanos….you are the perfect pairing (couldn’t resist.)  Love you guys!




Loooove the one of the bride walking down the stairs!

Jenny, seriously, these are breath taking!!! Amazing job!!!!

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