Meet Zach & Beth.  To know them is to love them.  Zach has this quick wit and black & white personality…I LOVE his honesty, and the guy is just plain funny.  And then there’s Bethany.  She is one of the most positive, encouraging, compassionate person I have ever known.  Together they are so balanced and complete.   And for some reason this summer, four of my couples that I am photographing, are moving across the country or state to start their new lives together somewhere fresh and new.  They are one of those couples and I am so excited for them!  Zach and Beth recently moved to Oregon to pastor a youth group together.  How lucky are those teens?  Anyway, I can’t wait for your wedding in July, thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day!




[…] Zach and Bethany were married in beautiful Port Orchard at Cedar Springs on the loveliest summer evening.  Being a photographer herself, Bethany did not leave one detail unplanned…and I loved it!  The crayons on the tables, goldfish centerpieces, color coordinated photo frames on the outdoor mantle and candy jars…it was all so thought through and fantastic to photograph.  The entire event was relaxed and intimate, and each friend was genuinely greeted with love and gratitude.  The ceremony was unforgettable- from outrageous laughter to heartfelt vows spoken through tears…it all was like a technicolor wedding.  Everything so ALIVE…just as Zach and Beth are so full of joy and life.  I loved it and am immensely grateful to be a witness to their day.  Thank you so much, and all the best to you…love you guys! […]

Aw, thanks Willow! Can’t wait until YOU are back in town! It’s been too long!!!

jenny these are beautiful, i love the fun feeling…and the sunshine :) i’m so glad you’re back so i can read your blog again :)

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