Who would have known that Seattle would allow the sun to shine on a Saturday in February?  It was just our luck!  I am photographing Megan & David’s wedding this May and her mom was wanting some family photos done.  We lucked out, they brought cookies, and we had a great time.  So we’ve already had our trial run…you passed in my books, climbing walls & enduring duck boat tours shouting at us.  Thanks for having me & for the beautiful daffodils & yummy cookies…looking forward to celebrating with you in May!

Meet David & Megan…


Fun photos! What a rare treat to meet the whole family before the wedding.

Hey Jenny!! I LOVE the family twist! The cookies must be a family tradition to include it. :) Very creative!

Jenny, we LOVE the pictures! Can’t stop looking at them!

Awh, I love all of these! Beautiful work.

beautiful light! i love these family shots!

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